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A judge gave law enforcement operatives permission to swap command-and-control servers controlling the botnet.

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Campaigns against botnets were largely responsible for fall in spam levels.

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The new legislation will come into full effect in September 2024.

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Cyber Crime

A new Internet security report warns that most attack programs are now embedded in genuine websites.

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Microsoft has been given provisional ownership of 276 domain names.

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EU cyber security agency ENISA published its third annual “spam report” earlier this year, which painted a gloomy picture for European computer users.

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UK spam landmark case

Nigel Roberts from Alderney in the Channel Islands recently took action against Media Logistics UK over junk e-mails in his personal account.   The Stirlingshire-based firm has agreed to pay £270 compensation to Mr Roberts who runs an internet business.

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UK spammer Peter Francis-Macrae (aka Weaselboy) has been sentenced to six years in prison for fraud.

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Back in May Christopher William Smith (Rizler) was raided, a federal grand jury have recently laid charges.

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Microsoft won a $7m settlement yesterday from Scott Richter, a man once described as one of the world’s most prolific spammers.

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